Transformers: Earth Wars Beta Apk Download


Transformers: Earth Wars Beta Apk

Hello Friends, Today we share Transformers: Earth Wars Beta Apk Download with transformer applications direct link android game.

Transformers: Earth Wars Beta Apk android simulation game develop by Backflip Studios, Inc. Construct an impenetrable base. Wage-war against the opposing faction by simply defeating other players along with raiding their transformers: earth wars beta download bases intended for energon stockpiles.

Optimus Best has dispatched a proper team of Autobots for you to Earth hoping to counter typically the Decepticon threat. Ravaging typically the planet’s natural resources for you to synthesize energon the transformers: earth wars beta for android preferred gasoline of the Transformers race.

Utilize Starscream for air attacks to destroy laser cannons penetrate defenses with an Optimus Prime ram attack or even repair your team using the healing ability of Autobot Ratchet. Collect transformers: earth wars beta apk your favorite Réformers characters and will you get together with the Decepticons or friend with the Autobots.

Construct an area Bridge to summon reinforcements from Cybertron. Megatron great assault team of Decepticons have attacked Earth The actual battle for Earth offers begun.

Transformers: earth wars beta game is brought to you by Backflip Studios Space Ape Video games and Hasbro Inc. Réformers and its logo are art logos of Hasbro and are combined with permission.

Game Information

Game Name: Transformers: Earth Wars Beta
Category: Simulation
Developer: Backflip Studios, Inc.
Last Update: 19-04-2017

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Transformers: Earth Wars Beta Apk

Transformers: Earth Wars Beta Apk

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