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Star Wars: Rivals™ Apk 6.0.0 (LATEST) Download


Star Wars: Rivals™ Apk

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Star Wars: Rivals™ Apk android action game developed by Disney. The Star Battles universe whilst mastering the skills in cover centered pvp skirmishes. Team up with characters coming from star wars: rivals™ download different eras of the celebrity wars world and movies like disposition strikes as well as the pressure awakens.

Participate in fast paced present shooter star wars: rivals™ game play with mobile enhanced controls. Build the ultimate fight team foresee your competitors strategy and leverage the surroundings to get the upper hand. Your heat of combat with mission centered scenarios in adventure setting.

Discover every characters exclusive abilities and upgrade these to fit your specific play style. Fights are star wars: rivals 6.0.0 apk fought against both in single player campaign situations and real-time pvp fights. Build the best roster of three exclusive characters and swap all of them in and out heat of fight.

Discover exclusive character capabilities to help control your competitors in the field. Fight other players cross system in the real-time pvp Industry. Confront your competitors in the 1st real time celebrity wars competitive star wars: rivals™ full apk action present shooter designed especially for your cellular device.

Game Information

Version:        6.0.0
Category:     Action
Developer:    Disney
Last Update: 20-12-2017
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Star Wars: Rivals™ Download

Star Wars: Rivals™ Apk 6.0.0
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