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Skillful Pixel Dungeon Apk

Hello Friends, We are Share Skillful Pixel Dungeon Apk 0.1.9c Download With Super Dangerous Dungeons Direct Link For Android Game.

Skillful Pixel Dungeon Apk android role playing game develop by BilbolDev. Subpoena a Rat Crab as well as Skeleton based on meditation amount to fight for you. Proficient Pixel Dungeon is based on skillful pixel dungeon download created by watabou. Future ranged attack freezes goal immunities apply. Even more melee damage but leaves good guy weakened for some time.

Every three or more skill points spent on Schooling increase Strength by – Chance and poison time-span increase with level. Type selection skillful pixel dungeon for android screen shows capabilities description in tab to get quick reference. Increases deterioration of both smash in addition to smite.

Increases wand zapping damage as well as wand revitalise speed. The game is exactly much like the original skillful pixel dungeon 0.1.9c apk except it contributes a skill system. Tome of data added, shows latest change and gives some freebies in connection with said update.

Increases summoning strength and decreases cool down connected with active skills. Increases possible opportunity to hit target as well as Kneecap Shot damage. Spirituality mage skill increases number of subpoena by 1 per three or more points invested. Increases potential HP by 3 things per skill point expended.

Heroes start with 3 proficiency points and gain 3 per level. Each type has 3 unique recurring skills and 2 one of a kind active skills. Passive skillful pixel dungeon game capabilities are capped at hero’s amount. Creates a mirror image to help fight for you.

Game Information

Version:        0.1.9c
Category:     Role Playing
Developer:    BilbolDev
Last Update: 15-01-2017
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Skillful Pixel Dungeon Apk 0.1.9c

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