PS4 Remote Play Apk 2.6.0 Full Direct Download

PS4 Remote Play Apk

PS4 Remote Play Apk

Hello friends, we are share PS4 Remote Play Apk 2.6.0 Full Download with developed by PlayStation Mobile Inc. new version direct link.

PS4 Remote Play apk android entertainment app developed by PlayStation Mobile Inc. This article is going to show how to use the PS4 remote play download. The PS4 remote play application allows you to play your PS4 games using a screen other than your TV, i.e. on your smartphone, tablet and even your PC / Mac.

The first step will be to install the application. If you have a Sony Xperia smartphone or tablet the application can be installed without any further effort from the Google play store. If you are on a Non-Sony smartphone you need to ps4 remote play app download the custom remote play apk files. Your handset may require rooting.

You must also make sure that the PS4 you wish to use is registered as your primary PS4. This article will cover how to set up the application on a Sony Android smartphone/device, how to set up the application on your PC / Mac, and how to set up PS4 remote play 2.6.0 apk on a Non-Sony smartphone.

How to install and use the PS4 remote play on a Sony Android Device

First, you can go to the Google play store and install the Remote Play application. This is a free application but can only be installed from the Google play store on Sony smartphones and tablets from the Z3 series onwards.

Once the application has been installed, make sure your ps4 and phone are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network and that your phone Bluetooth is turned on. When you first load the application, it will first ask you to pair a controller, as shown in the below image:

PS4 Remote Play 1

This is straightforward, you press the ‘PS’ button on your controller and it will then sync with your phone through Bluetooth. Once the controller has been paired you will then see this screen:

PS4 Remote Play 2

When you see this screen, click next and sign into PSN using the app using your PSN credentials, then on your PS4 go into Settings then open remote play connection settings:

Ensure remote play is enabled, and click ‘Add Device’, and then a code will appear on your TV screen.

This will then pair the PS4 to the phone and enable games to be played via the controller / smartphone as well as the TV. Using the official Sony controller mount to attach the smartphone to the controller, you can play with good comfort. The controller battery level is shown in the phone notification bar. This is the remote play in action on an Xperia smartphone:

This is how to set up and use PS4 remote play 2018 – 2019 on your smartphone. The application is also available for a PC or Mac. The remote play ps4 apk feature is officially supported by Sony when using their handsets.

How to use the PS4 Remote Play application on your PC / Mac

This section will show how to use the PS4 remote play android application on your PC / Mac. You will need to be running windows 8.1 or later, or OS X 10.10 or later.

First, you can download the official application for Windows / Mac from Sony, then install it as shown below:

Once installed, run the application on your PC and you should see the following:

This application will only work with a wired (USB) connection, so connect your Dualshock 4 controller with a USB cable. It will then ask you to sign into PSN:

Once you have signed into PSN, it will then start searching for the Playstation 4. Once this has been done, you then go to your PS4 and press ‘add device’ at the Remote Play settings screen as shown above. You enter the code you see on your TV into the application. If all goes to plan, you should be able to see this:

This means remote play is set up on your PC / Mac and you are ready to start gaming! The official applications for PC / Mac are supported by Sony.

How to set up the remote play application on a Non-Sony smartphone

This section is going to show how to set up the remote play application on a Non-Sony smartphone. This is a little more complex than the previous two methods requiring an extra step. Note that this is not supported by Sony and any smartphone other than Sony Xperia handsets may not fit on the mounting bracket as it is designed only for official Sony hardware.

The first step is to go to your android settings, to security and then enable ‘Unknown Sources’ which allows applications from unknown sources:

Then you can go to the Unblockedgamming ps4 page for this application and download the latest version to your smartphone as an apk file and install it. Ensure you have the latest version.

Once you have done this, you can then use the application in the same way as using the official version of the application on an Xperia smartphone/tablet. Note that depending on your model of smartphone there may be bugs that are not present on the Xperia handsets, although most modern smartphones will work without an issue.

We hope this guide has been of help when using the PS4 remote play full apk . If any further assistance is needed with installation or if there are any problems with the official Xperia, Windows or Mac versions, contact Sony support.

Happy gaming!

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