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Pixel Monster GO Apk

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Pixel Monster GO Apk android simulation game developed by Playstar. You can find them through the map of the game.Walk around in the real world to make the character move. Build your best pixel monster go download team to fight with other players. You can even make use of cookies to attract them arriving at you or make use of magic boot free of charge movement.

Look for and capture wonderful pixel monster go game about our world. Collect therefore many brilliant creatures. Augmented reality video game. You can capture pixel monsters in real life. The winner will have the cups and honor. Teach your pet to create pixel monster go 1.4 apk it more powerful enough to win.

Over 50 types of terrific monsters so that you can gather pixel monsters have already been uncovered on the world. More types of monsters and pixel monster go full apk modes will coming and with more than three monsters can participate soon.

Game Information

Version: 1.4
Category: Simulation
Developer: Playstar
Last Update: 06-03-2017
Google Play Store

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Pixel Monster GO Download

Pixel Monster GO Apk 1.4

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