Legion War – Tactic & Strategy Apk 1.2.3 Download


Legion War – Tactic & Strategy Apk

Hello Friends, Today we share Legion War – Tactic & Strategy Apk 1.2.3 Download with flash games strategy direct link for android.

Legion War – Tactic & Strategy Apk android strategy game develop by WY Gaming. Within this fantastic magic world could you lead your legion to outlive from enemies’ challenge along with legion war – tactic & strategy download write your legendary. Rapid Choose from 30+ balanced road directions set up your own rules along with play against up to several AI players promote your own personal units and challenge better enemies.

Legion War can be a turn-based strategy game delivered from Bear&Cat Studio. Every single Unit has its own upgrade Legion War – Tactic & Strategy game way that contains 8 upgrade quantities. The AI for this turn-based straight game has been suitable for a long time lead your large group to fight in different topics of map: Ice Entire world Desert Fire Land along with Candy Paradise.

The functionality of Game AI vary in each difficulty could you beat the super smart opponent with your strategy and methods. It has the ability to evaluate the condition of current battle boost legion war – tactic & strategy full apk attack plan and deal with actions of each unit.

Game Information
Version: 1.2.3
Category: Strategy
Developer: WY Gaming
Last Update: 08-04-2017

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Legion War – Tactic & Strategy Download

Legion War – Tactic & Strategy Apk 1.2.3

Legion War – Tactic & Strategy Apk 1.2.1

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